Frequently Asked Questions

I am both a licensed therapist and professional coach so I will work with you to figure out which approach best meets your needs and help you overcome the challenges you are facing. As a licensed therapist, I am required to have a masters degree in Counseling Psychology, 3,000 supervised clinical hours for my training, and pass two board exams. If you want more information about my coaching practice, please visit
At a minimum, we will meet for a 50-minute session, usually on a weekly basis. During this time, the focus will be on you and your needs. There is no pre-planned agenda. It is of utmost importance for me to securing your privacy and provide a safe space to explore, express, and share your thoughts and feelings without judgment.
The amount of time and energy will depend on the specific challenges you are hoping to overcome or the goals you want to reach. It also depends on how deep, if at all, you want to explore and possibly unravel the unknown. As we go through the process, you get to decide how much you want to invest and how deep you want to go.
I offer a competitive fee structure and will provide various fee options depending on your specific needs for my services, and your unique financial situation. We can discuss this in more detail when I conduct my free consultation.
I accept insurance reimbursement which means that I am "out-of-network." I encourage you to call your insurance provider to see if they will reimburse you for my services.

I have a very flexible schedule Monday through Friday, where I can meet at my office in San Francisco, anytime before 9pm. I also frequently hold sessions with my clients via telephone or webcam, such as Skype or Google.