Year in review

year in review


As I change to a new calendar, I like to look back at the past year’s events. While flipping through my planner, week by week, I’m reminded of the challenges, celebrations, important due dates, and overall scheduling of my life. I find it useful to take stock on how I’ve grown in the past year.

Here are a few questions to think about:

- What were my biggest challenges?
- How did I overcome them?
- What lessons did I learn?
- Did I make any mistakes? If so, how will I not repeat them?

- What were the biggest growth experiences of this past year?
- What shifted (insight, habit, lifestyle, etc)?
- How am I different?

- What were my accomplishments for the past year?
- What was I most proud of?

- Who was there when I needed them during the past year?
- Who did I support, help, or befriend?
- Did I get closure on any relationships?
- What relationships were deepened?

- What am I grateful for from the past year?
- How did I express my gratitude?

- In hindsight, what would I have done differently?
- Can I apply this to this year?

- What do I want to remember most about last year?

I hope these questions will help facilitate more insight for how you lived this past year. I hope this will encourage you to live the life you want to lead!